Master Closet – Just Organize

Oooolala!!! My dream closet….

Downsizing to a smaller homes means a lot of purging, donating, and tossing stuff out. What a journey the last few months have been and continue to be. Living in Florida also means limited storage. No basements and tiny, not easy to access, attic space. One of the first things we did was add a custom closet system to our master closet. We used Easy Closets. A very user friendly, online company. I designed our system with ease by adding in our dimensions to their on line tools to completely tailor our closet to meet our needs. When I was done, I called their designer to edit my work. I received excellent customer service as she walked me through my design…making small changes and saving me some money too. The boxes arrived on our front porch in less than two weeks. We decided to hire a handy man to install it for us since we didn’t have the time to do the install ourselves. Our guy said it was fairly easy. It took him 7 hours from start to finish. Not bad!

We took down the old hardware, patched the holes, and chose Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt, for a beautiful finish.

Once on the Easy Closet website, I used their online tools to design our closet. This is what I came up with. Super simple and super custom.

We especially love the fold out ironing board. It’s amazing!!! And Ron loves his build in laundry basket. We also added a tie rack, belt rack and valet bar. We love all of these extras!

We decided that when unpacking the boxes, we would be super discretionary as to which items to keep and what to donate. That nothing came into the closet that didn’t have a purpose, had some type of value, or not worn in years. It took some time but in the end… I have complete peace and happiness when I walk into our closet. Let’s face it… our homes or specific spaces in our homes can bring stress and frustration (our pile of paper work does this to me… so much stress…and I’m working on this. I’ll show my progress in a future post). But not the master closet! 😍

Next up- our daughter’s closet. Our tween has sooooo many boxes. It’s a little overwhelming but we will tackle it in the same way. You’ll see!

Be Blessed~

Just-Beth 💕

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