A New Season- Just Simplify

We moved again! Our 18th and hopefully our last for a very long time!

A 2,500 square foot cottage on a natural, spring-fed lake. Just 3.5 miles down the road from our last house, a small neighborhood nestled along side a large community of homes. Even though we are in the suburbs of Tampa, our home is surrounded by 100 year old oak trees with layers of Spanish moss blowing in the breeze. I can see the lake, with it’s resident alligator, from my bedroom window. It’s beautiful. Calming. Quiet. A perfect change for a new season.


The decision to sell our home and to buy a smaller place happened so fast….My head is still spinning from all of the moving parts. Ron loved our two story home and lots of living space. However, we didn’t like that the master bedroom was upstairs and we certainly did not need 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms for just the three of us. Our new “little” cottage has four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Perfect for us. Two guest rooms is all we need for our frequent out of town guests and grown up boys who come and visit.

This girl doesn’t need a lot of space and I certainly don’t enjoy cleaning a big house. In fact, it has been a dream of mine to live in a cottage. Ron could not grab hold of the idea of living in a cottage or maybe what living in a cottage style home looked like. He grew up in a small home and felt a big home was perfect. Shifting into this new season has happened so fast. From four kids to one…retiring from the military life…the decision to love our new city with no plans to move any time soon = buying a home that is more suited to our desired lifestyle. The housing market is good. Our home sold for a very good price and we did well on that investment. That definitely played into our decision. We were blessed that we got our asking price on both homes. The back to back closings on the same day went extremely smooth. Our move was door to door…that was an extra blessing. The company we hired allowed for our household goods to sit on the trailer for a few days was a huge help too. They were careful with our belongs and nothing was damaged.

We built our three previous homes so it has been an adjustment transitioning to an already built home…an inventory home. I love that we are the first owners however; to make it more us, we have had to spend a little extra money to personalize it. It’s also been a challenge moving our things into a home with 850 less square feet. We have been purging like crazy. Cleaning. Donating. Simplifying. It feels great!

Check back soon and see how we are doing with our new space.

Be Blessed~

Just-Beth ♥

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