A Snippet Of Our Kitchen

While we were building this home, our 17th home, I continually asked myself during the selection process – will there be enough light? Will our space look crisp and airy?  Will it have a clean disposition (even during the messy times, which is more often than I care to admit)? Most of all I wanted it to feel livable, comfortable, and unfussy.

With that in mind, this is a small section of our kitchen..

We have a very light and open kitchen space. I chose Alpine White cabinetry, white subway tiles, simple hardware, a bright, shiny faucet and the beautiful Kohler farmhouse sink to keep the look clean.

This space is the hardest working spot in the home. It’s not easy to keep it tidy. The Barefoot Ranger (my love of 31 years and retired Army Hero of 34 years) hangs out here- a lot. He loves doing dishes and putzing around doing who knows what– right in this very space. This is what works for our family….

A rug is a must, to keep our flooring in good shape. Over the course of 4 years we have been through several rugs. The last rug was a Ballard Design. However…I adore this rug even more. A reasonably priced, Target Woodland by Threshold made for the outdoors. The beauty of this, it can be hosed off. With all the drips and drools (that would be Libby) easy clean up is a dream! It matches our kitchen space with a bit of whimsy. A splash of cuteness and toile!

Image-1 (2)Image-4 (2)

Having our soaps within reach is practical, keeping them on a cute tray and ready for use, stylish. I found this adorable tray in a trio by Hearth and Hand with Magnolia. For $6.99 I got a pack of three.

Image-6 (2)

Image-7 (2)

We love our traditional coffee maker. We tried a Keurig for a time. It just wasn’t for us. I thought I would like the clean look of a Keurig and having different coffee options. I learned that I am a traditional girl and really just need my traditional coffee that’s brewed traditionally first thing in the morning. Besides, I’m a three cup girl. I set up our simple coffee station with a wicker tray, a small cutting board layered with one of the Magnolia plates as a spoon rest. It’s clean and functional.

Image-10 (2)

Another functional addition is this hook, attached to the upper cabinet.  I know, it’s an odd spot for a hook. This hook holds our dishtowel. A dishtowel draped over the sink, oven handle, or dishwasher handle seems more practical and normal….sadly, those places were not an option for us. Why…….?

Image-11 (2)

One word…..LIBBY! Our girl Libby loves all things made of cloth. When we turn our backs, she takes off with the dishtowel, oven mitts, and anything else within her reach.

Image-12 (2)

When she stands up on her back to legs, she is tall! She is smart and naughty. So, keeping with clean, functional, and pretty style…we have our lovely hook with crystal ends and stylish cotton dishtowel up high out of her grasp.


Those are the little things that help keep our kitchen functional, crisp and clean.

Thank you for stopping by….

Be Blessed~


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