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Hi! I’m, Just-Beth, and welcome to my blog. I’m wife to my best friend of 27 years and Mom to 4 amazing kids. Three handsome boys and one sweet girl! We’ve moved 17 times in our 27 years together as a military family. My goal with each move — to unpack completely even if our tour was only for one year. We always painted the rooms, decorated and made our space personal (even in the most bland, utilitarian base quarters) . I wanted the kids to feel settled, cozy and loved. Moving is not always easy– however; a home filled with faith, grace and a little bit of simple style has always been my go-to “feel.” I hope to share with you some of my secrets in making a house a home even if it’s temporary. Keeping our family organized and stress-free has always been a staple of mine. With a family of 6 and a lot of moving parts it can get a little nutcakes at times…

And why am I Just-Beth you ask? My Dad named me. He fell in love with the name when an older cousin had named her daughter, Beth. My Mom loved it too and the character in the book, Little Women. She did not name me Elizabeth. She was worried people would call me all sorts of nick-names so just Beth went on the birth certificate. From that day forward, anytime someone asks me for my name for an important document, I’m always asked, “Is that your full name?” I always answer, “Yes, I’m just Beth.” I’m quite alright with that.  It goes a long with my personality. Low maintenance, fair, a keeper of all things simple and timeless. No fuss.

Thank you for stopping by today and getting to know me.

Be Blessed~


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